Insurance Coverage

Natural Disaster Claims

Ku and Mussman, P.A. is now accepting cases involving natural disaster insurance claims.  We will not allow the insurance company to undervalue your claim.

Property owners often insure their property against losses due to natural disasters. If you are a property owner and you have an insurance policy for your property, you should be able to tell from the insurance policy itself what kinds of risks your policy covers. Some policies include risks of property damage due to natural disasters, such as Hurricanes and Floods. If your property has been damaged by a natural disaster check your insurance policy to see if your policy covers such events.

Speaking with a lawyer before you file your written claim with your insurance company can benefit the processing of your claim, with the assistance of a lawyer you can make sure you receive all the benefits you have been paying for with your insurance premiums.

Your insurance company owes you a duty of good faith. If it wrongfully denies or low-balls your claim, the insurance company may be liable for benefits due under your policy and damages for bad faith.

Preparing your Claim :

  • Take photographs or videotape of the damage.
  • Call your insurance agent or company -- report the damage.
  • Make temporary repairs -- save receipts for any materials that you purchase. To the extent possible, you need to take steps to prevent further damage. Don't make extensive permanent repairs until after the claims adjuster has been to your home and assessed the damage.
  • Save receipts for additional living expenses -- the minimum amount available to pay for such expenses is generally equal to 20% of the insurance on the home.
  • Prepare for the adjuster's visit -- be sure to keep copies of lists and other documents that you submit to your insurance company and any paperwork that the insurance company gives to you.

If your insurance company is not treating you fairly, deal with them politely and confirm everything in writing. Take careful notes of who said what to you, and always get the company to respond in writing. This may be the point at which you would like to get an attorney involved. We invite you to ask us questions about your hurricane claim for free.