The Team

Brian Ku, Founding Partner

Photograph of law firm member Mr. Brian Ku

Working for a large firm after his 2002 Bar admission, Brian saw the impersonal way many large firms approach their clients. He decided to found a firm with an approach that focused on individual client needs, and in 2004, Ku & Mussman, P.A. was born.

Since co-founding the firm, Brian has developed an extensive litigation practice in the areas of civil rights, personal injury, first-party insurance claims and complex litigation.


Louis Mussman, Founding Partner

Photograph of law firm member Mr. Louis Mussman

Since becoming a member of the Florida Bar in 2002, Mr. Mussman has focused primarily on civil rights, personal injury, and contract litigation.  After defending a massive class action based upon the Americans with Disabilities Act in 2003, Mr. Mussman co-founded Ku & Mussman, P.A. with the goal of providing competent legal counsel to the disadvantaged.